Precision Stair and Rail

Photos from past projects


These are photos from just a few of the hundreds of stairways and railings I've designed and installed.  They show some of the various combinations of woods, styles, and finishes that are possible. 

You can also visit my *supplier's* web site for more photos and product specs:
LAJ Wood Products
 If you are close to Hayward, they have a showroom and sell parts directly to the public.

4010BT post with MB 105/106 metal balusters

4091 post with MB 101/102/103 metal balusters

3010 post/2015 baluster combo

4093 post - MB 104/106 metal balusters

4091 post - 5360 1-3/4" balusters

4093 post - MB 105/106 metal balusters

4092 post - MB 105/106 metal balusters

4091 post - 5005 balusters

4076 post - 5060 balusters

3500PT post - 5200 balusters in maple

4954PT post - 5909 balusters


4092 post - 2005 balusters

Phone numbers:   408-356-5570 or 888-404-0474



4006BT post - 5060 balusters

4015BT post with 5015 balusters


4078 oak post with MB 105/106  balusters


Dark stained maple rail, 4076 post, copper vein metal balusters

3010 post/2015 baluster combo

Tel: 888-700-9663

33444 Western Ave, Union City, CA




Dark stained maple 4075 posts/6310 rail with

oiled copper MB101/MB102 metal balusters,

maple false ends, painted skirts and false risers


Two tone Red Oak stair and railing with metal balusters in Antique Bronze


4092 Post, Painted with stained top to match rail.


Dark Stained Beech railing.

4077/4075 posts.  MB101/102 balusters.

False Ends with carpet in the middle.